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Detox your skin and transform your mood! Just as a juice cleanse detoxifies your body, these foaming cleansers with agar jelly help rinse away accumulated impurities and dissolve excess sebum from the pores, revealing a more refreshed you!

Each of 3 cleansers contains a natural extract to nurture a healthy looking skin and an aromachological fragrance to transform your mood :

– Good Vibes to feel energized (enriched with Karin Extract)
– Wild Garden to boost concentration (enriched with Okra Extract)
– Romantic Dream to  relax (enriched with Kiichigo Extract)

*In vitro data

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3 x 70ml

For whom?

For young adults and not only

Τύπος επιδερμίδας

All skin types


Morning and evening

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Use morning and evening after removing your makeup.
Take a generous amount and massage on wet skin using circular motions to lather and then rinse off.

◇ Do not ingest. Not food. Be careful of where you store it to prevent accidental ingestion.
◇ If accidentally swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.
◇ Keep out of reach of infants.

Agar is a Japanese plant known for its medicinal properties and positive effects on the skin.

Seaweed moisturizing complex : Formulated with the seaweed ingredient to gently cleanse skin without stripping away its essential moisture.

  • Karin (Japanese quince) : Fragrant plum packed full of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Okra (Pod vegetable) : Rich in food fiber, known in food to detox the body, and B carotene.
  • Kiichigo (Japanese raspberry) : Contains generous amounts of polyphenols and vitamin E.

Contains AROMACHOLOGICAL fragrance

Aromachology is known for activating the mind.

Proven Expected Effects on mood :

85% feel energized (Karin)
76% Increased concentration (Okra)
87% relaxing (Kiichigo)

Proven results*
95% skin feels refreshed
95% healthy looking skin
88% skin looks clearer
94% skin feels smooth after use

*Consumer test on 103 volunteers, on «good vibes» reference