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A powerful sun protection lotion that becomes stronger when exposed to water or perspiration, while remaining totally invisible on skin.

Features WetForce technology, which strengthens the protective veil as it comes into contact with water or perspiration*, so that you can enjoy your beach or outdoor activities to the fullest. The lotion turns invisible on any skin tone, and its smooth non-sticky texture feels comfortable on skin.

Additionally, it provides skincare benefits that protect the skin’s health and beauty. Helps reduce signs of photo-aging, with the exclusive Profense CELTM technology. Provides hydrating benefits to maintain moisture and keep skin smooth. Blends easily and covers evenly.

Very water-resistant. Can be used as a makeup base.


*in-vitro test

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100 mL

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All skin types

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Shake well before use.
Before sun exposure, apply generously and evenly over the skin.
Apply after your regular skincare.
Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling.

Product can be applied over and under makeup.

WetForce technology – reacts upon contact with minerals in water or perspiration, activating additional strength within the protective veil.* Contains no white powder sunscreen agents to give an invisible finish.

Profense CEL™, a complex of ingredients that prevents skin damage linked to the formation of wrinkles and uneven skin tone.*

Functional fragrance – synchronises with the odour of perspiration, changing the scent you perceive into a pleasant fresh, citrus scent.

*in vitro test

Used on the body

During application:
99% said the texture feels light
92% said the formulation blends quickly into their skin
After application:
99% said the formulation feels comfortable on their skin
4 hours after application:
98% said the formulation maintains their skin’s moisture
97% said the formulation is resistant to perspiration and water

Used on the face with foundation

After applying foundation:
87% said their foundation has a more beautiful finish than without using this protector
98% said the formulation promotes a smoother application of foundation
4 hours after application
95% said their foundation did not wear off, even after perspiration

Overall evaluation

96% said this product has no longer lasting UV protection than other sunscreen
98% said “I like this protector”

*Testing conducted, on 108 women from all skintones age 18-64 years old, January 2017